The GolfRound towel is made with a water repellent material on the outside and an absorbent terry cloth on the inside.  Lightly moisten the center, fold it twice and carry it in your pocket.  When you get to the green you have a damp towel to clean your ball with.  It's that easy, a Pocket Golf Towel.  The GolfRound is perfect for golf tournaments, Tee prizes, tradeshows, and corporate giveaways.  

  • No more lugging a wet towel to the green... and then forgetting it.

  • No more wiping your ball on your pants or in your pocket.

  • No more dirt and grass in your mouth.

  • Using the GolfRound you stay focused on reading and sinking your Putt!

  • The GolfRound is machine washable.

  • Once you use it you will never play another round of golf without the GolfRound.

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